Tesco Mobile & Vodafone announce 50/50 JV MVNO in Hungary

Tesco Group have created a new joint venture with Vodafone to launch a new MVNO service in Hungary

Tesco Group with the company’s MNO partner Vodafone Magyarország have created a Joint Venture Company, with a 50-50 % shareholding structure will be the first MVNO in Hungary.

The 50-50% JV is expected to launch services in the first half of 2012, said Vodafone Magyarország chairman-CEO György Beck and Tesco Global Áruházak CEO Gerry Gray

As a new mobile operator, Tesco Mobile will have to adhere to guidelines from the National Communications and Media Authority and compete against the local operators for subscribers.

Tesco Mobile numbers will have a new prefix, Beck said, answering a question. The number will depend on the market regulator, he added

Gerry Gray, CEO of Tesco Hungary called the event a “very exciting launch” for Tesco Hungary.

“We are constantly looking for new opportunities to offer Hungarian customers value and innovation, and we believe that Tesco Mobile will offer both. In Vodafone we have a partner with the know-how and potential to make Tesco Mobile as successful in Hungary as it is in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Slovakia,” he added.

“Combining Tesco’s reach, brand strength and marketing expertise with our modern technology and wide coverage will make Tesco Mobile a successful new mobile player,” commented György Beck, Chairman-CEO of Vodafone Hungary.

Gray said it was hoped Tesco Mobile would increase the number of Tesco Club card holders and bring more people to Tesco stores.

There are 1.3m Tesco Club card holders and about 3.5m shoppers visit Tesco store in Hungary a week. Tesco Club card holders account for about 60% of the stores’ turnover, but there is room for growth as the proportion is higher in many other countries, Gray said.

Beck called the Tesco Club card Tesco Mobile’s “secret weapon”.

Answering a question, Beck said Vodafone Magyarország’s cooperation with the state-owned Hungarian postal company Magyar Posta, different from the one with Tesco, did not generate the hoped for results, although the Postafone service does have subscribers.

Asked about the “crisis tax” levied on the telco sector, Beck repeated what Vodafone said earlier, that the company understands the difficult economic situation of Hungary and the necessity of the crisis tax. However, he called it a “sore point” that the crisis taxes were only levied on some sectors and expressed hope they would not be in place for the long term. In spite of the extra burden, Vodafone Magyarország is continuing to invest in Hungary, he added.

Vodafone will complete a network development in the summer of 2012 resulting in 99% voice and broadband mobile internet coverage, Beck said.

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About Tesco Mobile
Tesco Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and Slovakia. It is operated by Tesco, using the O2 network as its carrier.

United Kingdom: Tesco Mobile is run on the O2 network in the UK and Ireland. As such the virtual operator is able to offer comprehensive coverage of the UK population without having to invest in infrastructure. The company focuses on value for money deals, but in practice offers tariffs comparable with other operators, particularly rival virtual operator Virgin Mobile based on the T-Mobile network.

Tesco mobile now have 2.6 million customers on Friday 13 May 2011.

Republic of Ireland: On 19 December 2006, Tesco Ireland announced that it would enter into a joint venture with O2 Ireland to offer mobile telecommunications services. The service, which is Ireland‘s second MVNO (the defunct Cellular 3 having been the first), uses the O2 network but operates separately. It has been allocated the STD code 089. As with Tesco’s UK mobile service, it has been branded Tesco Mobile.The network commenced operation in 2007.

Tesco Mobile now have hits 100,000 customers in Ireland on Tuesday 26 July 2011.

Slovakia: On 02 December 2009, Tesco Stores SR announced that it would enter into a joint venture with Telefónica O2 Slovakia to offer mobile telecommunications services. The service, which is Slovakia’s second MVNO (the naymobile having been the first), uses the O2 network but operates separately.

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Image Credit: Logo (c) Tesco

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