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Persistent Data Problems Frustrating Straight Talk and Other AT&T MVNO Users

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Over the last month there has been a big jump in the number of Straight Talk AT&T users reporting data issues in online forums such as XDA-Developers, HowardForums, AndroidCentral and the StraightTalk Forums. The issues include very slow data, browser timeouts, or more commonly, no data at all in spite of being in a strong signal area. Here are a few of the forum threads:

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Straight Talk Data Issues – XDA-Developers
Straight Talk has upped the ante on throttling users! – Howard Forums
Data issue with Straight Talk vs T-Mobile PPD – AndroidCentral
****Very slow Data speeds on Iphone 4***** – Straight Talk Wireless Forums
iPhone 4S Data ploblem. Full bars no internet! – Straight Talk Wireless Forums

While the majority of the trouble reports seem to be from StraightTalk users, H20, Red Pocket and other AT&T MVNO customers also seem to be experiencing the same issues, suggesting that the problem is with AT&T rather than the MVNOs. However AT&T’s own prepaid customers don’t appear to be effected.

When the no data bug strikes, turning Airplane Mode on and off or taking the phone’s battery out for a minute or two usually fixes the issue temporarily.  If that doesn’t help, calling your MVNO and having them do a “data reset” seems to provide temporary relief. If you’re calling Straight Talk, I recommend using the Miami based “Executive Resolutions” number (305-715-6500) for best results.

Neither AT&T or Straight Talk has officially acknowledged that there is an issue although some Straight Talk customer service representatives have told callers that the issue is caused by AT&T updates of one kind or another.

There are lots of theories as to the cause of the data issues including AT&T DNS server problems or AT&T giving priority to its own users at the expensive of MVNO customers. I suspect that it’s a bug somewhere in the network infrastructure that’s proving difficult to fix.

If the issue is effecting you the best way to get it fixed is by being vocal. When your data is down call your MVNO, complain about it on social media including mobile user forums, Twitter, your MVNO’s Facebook page (click here for a list that includes all the MVNOs Facebook pages) and in comments to sites like this one that are covering the issue.

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