Tesco Create Broadband Bundle for Sim Only Users

Anyone who has a sim only deal from Tesco Mobile will be able to take advantage of a new offer which the company has created to support the launch of its parent firm’s home broadband service.

In essence, you can use the fact that you are a sim only Tesco Mobile subscriber to get a whole year of home broadband free of charge.

This offer is also open to people who have a pay monthly or pay as you go contract with Tesco Mobile, which means about 3.2 million people across the country are able to redeem it, according to PC Advisor.

The only catch is that, as with most other home broadband services, you will need to pay line rental to Tesco Broadband for the duration of the year, which will cost you £13.75 a month.

You will be saving £6.50 a month, because this is the standard charge levied for Tesco Broadband if you do not happen to be a Tesco Mobile sim only customer.

Tesco Mobile is operating this promotion until the end of 2012, so if you want to benefit from it, then you will need to commit to the broadband service by December 31st.

Tesco Mobile’s sim only packages take advantage of the network infrastructure operated by O2, so if you are able to get coverage in your area from this provider, then the same level of service will be available via this MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator).

Whether or not the home broadband offer is an incentive for sim only customers remains to be seen, because surely by this point, most people will already be committed to an existing high speed internet package, from which extricating yourself can be tricky if a fixed term commitment is still in place.

Tesco Mobile
MVNO; Networks: O2; Services: Pre+postpaid; Status: Active

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