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FreedomPOP Launches Free Home Broadband, Disrupts $100 Billion DSL and Cable Market

Today, FreedomPOP will be accepting limited pre-orders for its new home wireless broadband modem scheduled to launch next month

LOS ANGELES, CA,– FreedomPOP, America’s new free Internet company, today announced its disruptive entry into the $100 billion home broadband market by accepting pre-orders for FreedomPOP Hub Burst home modem scheduled to ship next month. The device will provide 100 percent free high-speed Internet in the home or small office at speeds faster than typical DSL and on par with most cable providers.

“Major broadband providers, including Time Warner Cable, AT&T, Verizon and Comcast, are pillaging consumers, charging in excess of $500 per year for home Internet,” said Stephen Stokols, FreedomPOP‘s CEO. “FreedomPOP‘s early successes has validated consumers are looking for more convenient and affordable ways to consume data. We’ve already given away more than 15 million MB’s of free data and are expanding our Beta to meet the increased demand this holiday season. The Hub Burst puts us in position to offer a compelling alternative for the massive home market much quicker than we initially planned.”

FreedomPOP Hub Burst preorder users will be given two times the current FreedomPOP offering with a minimum of 1 GB of free data each month. Users will also have the ability to earn unlimited data by adding contacts to their network and engaging in partner promotions. The company also offers heavier data users a variety of cost-effective plans, starting at prices under $10 per month, 80 percent cheaper than today’s DSL or Cable offerings.

The FreedomPOP Hub Burst modem and router boasts wireless antennas to boost speeds as well as Ethernet jacks to connect up to 10 Internet enabled devices, including desktops, TV’s and streaming music and video players. FreedomPOP will utilize the Clearwire WiMax network, ensuring that installation is as simple as plugging in the device with no time-consuming, complicated installations. Unlike traditional service providers, there are no contracts, no hidden fees and no installation issues.

“The median American household uses under 5.5 GB per month at home, yet spends over $50 for Internet service,” said Stokols. “FreedomPOP gives these users an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars per year at a fraction of the inconvenience, especially for more moderate internet users.”

To pre-order the FreedomPOP Hub Burst, go to www.FreedomPOP.com while supplies last.

About FreedomPOP
Founded in 2011, FreedomPOP is America’s new telecoms company backed by Mangrove Capital, DCM and Skype Founder Niklas Zennstom’s Atomico. Its aim is to provide disruptive Internet services ensuring that no one is left off the “connected grid.” FreedomPOP launched its free broadband service on Clearwire’s 4G network earlier this year and is scheduled to go live with Sprint in early 2013. Visit www.FreedomPOP.com for more information.

FreedomPOP is on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/FreedomPOP and Twitter http:twitter.com/freedompop4G.

Media Inquiries for FreedomPOP

Paul Brady
Consort Partners
Tel: +1 646 491 2777
Email: FreedomPOP@consortpartners.com

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