Teleena’s Growth Trends for 2013

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What Teleena saw early on in the market
Back in 2007 Teleena started as a MVNA focussing on the Dutch MVNO market. With more than 50 MVNOs operational, but locked in with a host MNO operator who was not offering any flexibility, it was clear there was a big opportunity for an adaptable & responsive wholesale Full MVNO platform. An independent solution that not only allows MVNOs to compete on price but supports services that have a clear distinction from those supported by the MNO networks and other MVNOs. Within 3 years 10 innovative MVNOs were connected, Teleena was asked by Vodafone UK to do the same in the UK and Vodafone Netherlands asked Teleena to host its second brand. Recently Teleena extended its geographical presence into Poland and connected its 16th MVNO partner.

In 2012 Teleena went through a transformation process to move from a company focussing on hundreds of thousands of subscribers into one that can easily handle millions. It made steps to make its network LTE ready, invested in enabling faster MVNO implementations with an even higher level of quality than before, and changed its organization structure to become a true international operating company. In the UK its sales team was enforced and a new sales office in Poland was opened, the management structure was enforced with a new international oriented CEO and CTO.

Today Teleena serves a footprint with a total of 120 million potential customers and in its markets over 120 MVNOs are operational. The footprint will be further extended during 2013 and should cover large parts of Europe by end 2014.

2013 Growth Trends
From the start in 2007 Teleena has seen the MVNO market grow year on year, despite some level of ongoing consolidation. MVNOs solely focused on offering the lowest price as the competitive proposition will face difficult times – having little option other than to further reduce prices/margins to prevent high churn from price driven customers – while MVNOs that find a niche market where they can offer desirable mobile solutions/ proposition that is distinctive from the rest and engages with the subscriber will win through.

Example’s are:

  • Multi country MVNO solutions: foreign MNO operators looking to combine their local service with a MVNO service in the EU (see or or parties that focus on offering local calls in & between multiple countries (see By mid 2014 new EU Roaming regulations take effect that will enforce further integration and consolidation in the EU mobile market. By already combining several EU countries into one Roaming zone Teleena is well positioned to support this process.
  • Business solutions: mobile recording solution providers (see, existing PBX/ VoIP providers that want full call control (see or or data SIM cards with specific capabilities (
  • Retail solutions: using the prepaid mobile wallet for all kinds of loyalty services, including instant reward schemes by integrating the retailers POS/CRM system with the MVNA platform/mobile device. This generates a new revenue stream for the retailer and increases in-store loyalty/footfall (see or
  • M(V)NE solutions or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): MNO networks wanting to launch (full) MVNOs or sub-brands quickly but with service flexibility (see In this scenario Teleena also takes care of managing number portability, interconnect and MTR charging and direct SMS settlement for the MNO.

To summarise, quick time to market and differentiated solutions will be the drivers for growth. Smart metering, content charging, content filtering, Wifi offload, and smart data integrations for businesses are just some of the solutions Teleena expects from the market in 2013.

For additional information please contact Michiel van der Pant, Director sales at Teleena.
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