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Belgium Mobile devices usage and internet

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It’s no surprise that mobile is on the rise. Semetis is monitoring it for almost three years now (Google Analytics and Mobile Internet)!

Earlier this year we have released howwebrowse.be website where anyone can publicly follow some of the key Belgian internet trends. One of the top metrics is the Mobile share of web traffic. It represents the percentage of internet traffic to one’s website coming from mobile devices such as the smartphones and the tablets.

One year ago, in October 2011, 2,6% of Belgian internet traffic came from a mobile device. Earlier in 2011, barely 1% came from mobile devices! And one year later, we jumped up to 6,3% on average. The growth is impressive and steady. We also saw that most of the traffic is coming from Tablets. The iPad accounted already for almost 50% in 2011.

But is mobile really mobile? What does 6,3% on average mean?

When do people use their mobile device?
At Semetis we are used to extract value from data especially advertising and web analytics data. We went through Google Analytics reports and created a very interesting visualization of mobile data. You’ll find hereunder the result.

Mobile traffic percentage heat map

Interpreting the mobile traffic heat map
The rows are the days of the week while the columns are the hours of the day.
Looking at the colours, how more red is the block how lower is the percentage of mobile traffic at that particular moment. And thus, at the opposite, how more green is the block how higher is the percentage of mobile traffic.

Working days and hours
It’s obvious that the lowest use of mobile devices uses to happen during the working days and hours. Blocks are getting more red between Monday and Friday from 8 o’clock until 17 o’clock.
On weekends percentage of traffic from mobile device is quite stable throughout the day with a slightly higher percentage in the morning and in the late evening.

Home and consumer devices
Being used mostly outside the working hours and mainly early in the morning and late in the evening, it seems mobile devices are rather consumer and home devices. The question here is will the tablets replace the personal laptops our cannibalize them? Will we see more users with one smartphone, one tablet and one laptop? This is another challenge for web analytics to tackle: how to track a user across his/her devices, switching from his/her smartphone to his/her laptop to his/her tablet?

Key learning
But behind the heat map, there is another gem and that is the point of this blog post! The importance of segmentation! We wrote already a post about this topic back in April (Google Analytics and segmentation).

Indeed, looking at the data one may believe that mobile traffic percentage accounts for 6,3% (October 2012) of his website traffic. But looking at these data closer and segmenting them, we can observe an important variance between the lowest hours and days of the week and the highest. Actually we noticed a ratio ranging from 1 to 4 which means that your mobile traffic may vary from 4% up to 16%. And having 16% of your traffic coming from mobile devices, even during a couple of hours, is a big deal while thinking about your mobile strategy!

Going a step further is crucial and segmentation is key when it comes to data analysis. Finding a relevant data set and being able to transform it into information is not an easy task. Discovering that mobile traffic may account for much more traffic than its average is a key and precious insight! But did you find the same conclusion for your website?

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