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Global MVNE Profile: Cubic Telecom

cubictelecm-ftCubic Telecom Limited
Arthur Cox Building
Earlsfort Centre
Earlsfort Terrace
Dublin 2

t: +353-1-4603300 / +353 1 448 1209
e: info@cubictelecom.com
w: www.cubictelecom.com

As a global MVNE, or Mobile Virtual Network Enabler, Cubic Telecom enables high visibility companies to launch mobile networks with minimum investment in capital and infrastructure.

About Cubic Telecom
The Cubic Telecom platform lets you avail of a broad range of services, including Voice, SMS, Data, and Web API’s for easy and secure integration.

Cubic’s Voice, SMS and Data services offer you an unrivalled level of global coverage, providing an instant gateway to the world. With roaming agreements in place in 230 countries, through 1200 partner networks, Cubic’s platform reach extends from one side of the globe to the other, eliminating borders and boundaries, and redefining the way you think about mobile communications.

Just a single agreement with Cubic Telecom delivers all of this worldwide connectivity.

With Cubic’s feature-rich set of API’s, Cubic Telecom offers a seamless way to integrate Cubic’s globally scalable platform with your business. Based on proven Microsoft Technologies, Cubic’s API’s offer you the ability to create rich integrations, with features ranging from real time location based services to customer usage patterns and much more.

For companies who simply wish to piggyback on Cubic’s platform without investing time and money in developing a bespoke product, Cubic Telecom provides a zero-effort ‘White Label’ or turnkey solution.

This means that, within a matter of just weeks, you can be fully integrated with Cubic’s platform and starting to make money from the products or services which you are marketing.
Cubic’s ‘White Label’ solution includes a fully featured web store, account management functions, and an administration and reporting suite. And while it comes ready-built, it can be customised to your own particular needs by our dedicated team of deployment and integration specialists.

For those ventures that require a higher level of customisation, Cubic’s platform can be integrated directly into your own site or reporting tools. Integration is simple, as our platform is based around industry-standard technologies.

At present, the Cubic Telecom platform is being used by more than 20 partners across 5 continents, for a broad range of customer applications.

The Cubic Telecom platform is ideally suited for any application where cheap, reliable mobile communication is required. It is simply integrated into your product offering, which means that you can avail of cheap roaming calls, SMS email, or embedded devices.

With Cubic’s global network of roaming agreements, you are instantly connected to 230 countries throughout the world, with over 1,200 partner networks.

So when the issue is connectivity, Cubic Telecom represents the most cost-effective and efficient solution, bar none.

Case Study

HP Mobile Connect

HP required an embedded mobile broadband solution enabling their PC and tablet devices to be fully supported on high speed mobile data networks across the globe.

Cubic Telecom delivered the solution, known as HP Mobile Connect, empowering business users to increase productivity and access to the internet far beyond LAN or WIFI hotspots and without exposure to the bill shock normally associated with mobile data when travelling.

No contracts. No commitments. Simple.

Services Provided
Custom Win8 App
Custom Win7 Website

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source Cubic Telecom HP


“One World, One Price plan, One Sim”

Cubic Telecom’s own white label brand, MAXroam, enables its customers worldwide to keep in touch with home. The service allows almost 100,000 customers globally to keep in contact with friends and family, and to be available under conditions where they might not normally be.

MAXroam is a unique way of saving money on calls, SMS & data when using your mobile phone abroad. We have coverage in 230 countries and principalities. It is a pre-pay service, so there is no contract and you control what you spend.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, we can offer you great savings compared to your local mobile network. As a MAXroam customer, you create your own personal online account. Here, you can check your balance, see your live online call records, add airtime to your account and set up automatic top-up so you never run out of airtime.

A unique feature of MAXroam is the ability to add a local landline number from your home country to your SIM, so friends, family and colleagues can contact you on a local number and at a local rate while you are travelling. You can also add a local landline number for countries you visit regularly.

Maxroam For Google Chromebook

Introducing the Chromebook. The new $199 cloud based computer from Google.
For everyone. For everywhere.
But what happens if you are not in a Wi-Fi zone?

No Wi-Fi? No worries. Introducing Maxroam for Chromebook. Always-on connectivity when you are on the move. A prepaid service allowing you to choose from a range of data bundles for the UK, Europe & the Rest of the World.

No contracts. No commitments. Simple.

Services Provided
White Label Solution
logistics & Distribution
Customer Care

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source Cubic Telecom Chrome

Woolworths Mobile Global Roaming

To address the problem of Australian’s being overcharged on voice, sms and data whilst roaming abroad, Woolworths partnered with Cubic Telecom to deliver a white label solution

Woolworths Mobile Global Roaming allows Australians to roam in over 200 countries saving up to 90% on global roaming costs when compared to charges from their local Australian network providers.
SIM packs are available online or in any of the 860 Woolworths stores located throughout Australia.

Following the success of this initial rollout, Woolworths now also plan to launch in a further 170 Big W stores nationwide.

Services Provided
White Label Solution
logistics & Distribution
Customer Care

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source Cubic Telecom Woolworths

Barry Napier, Chairman at BPI Telecom and Cubic Telecom
Barry Higginbotham, CFO
Chris Kennedy Platform Manager;
Gerry McQuaid, Commercial Director
Kieran Sexton, Sales Director

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