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World Trade Center     
Schiphol Boulevard 249     
1118 BH Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport)     
The Netherlands   

t:  +31 (0)20 653 5916     
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About Elephant Talk
Elephant Talk (Nasdaq: ETAK positioning itself as an international telecom operator and enabler to the multimedia industry by facilitating the distribution of all forms of content as well as mobile and fixed telecom services to global telecommunications consumers.

The Company’s global footprint as a fully licensed carrier, supported by its propriety IN (Intelligent Network) and Billing/CRM (Client Relationship Management) Systems has been designed to offer cutting-edge solutions to the increasingly competitive global multimedia industry.

Elephant Talk is also a system integrator and developer for mobile telecom and content distribution solutions; and, as a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE), the company has positioned itself as the premier outsourcing partner for both Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) as well as for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s).

At the same time, Elephant Talk assists its MNO partners to more efficiently provide a broad range of sophisticated services to their own existing base of MVNO’s.

Elephant Talk is positioning itself as the preferred MVNE partner of the larger, global Mobile Operators and currently operates sophisticated networks in over a dozen markets in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.
Mobile Virtual Network Enabler
Elephant Talk’s primary offering is a full suite of secure cloud based mobile communications software which enable companies to create value and drive revenue through mobile telecoms services. Elephant Talk’s solution enables companies to go to market rapidly at low cost.

 Elephant Talk provides solutions to MNOs who need a flexible and scalable architecture to provide services to their MVNO customers as well as for full MVNOs.

In certain markets (e.g. The Netherlands, Belgium), Elephant Talk also provides services directly to MVNOs or companies planning to become MVNOs using its existing MVNE platform.

Elephant Talk’s solutions make mobile networks cheaper to operate, faster to deploy, easier to manage, more reliable and more secure. Elephant Talk provides global MNOs and MVNOs better network capability through our integrated mobile platform.

Elephant Talk mobile solutions enable non telecoms companies to offer mobile services and enable fixed line operators to become an MVNO. Swiftly and without investments in infrastructure.

Elephant Talk’s all-in-one IP based solution conducts every function of a standard mobile network. As the network is software from end to end, hardware and maintenance are much lower than traditional solutions while deployment is rapid.

For further information on Elephant Talk Communications MVNE program, please visit the following page

Security and Fraud Detection & Prevention
The strategic cooperation combines ValidSoft’s best in class proprietary software with Elephant Talk’s telecommunication platform to create the best electronic fraud prevention total solution on the market.

Elephant Talk can service the needs of ValidSoft’s requirements to deliver its leading solutions whilst also providing a platform to enable ValidSoft to process up to 400,000 transactions per second, to “carrier grade” level (i.e. industry standards in telecommunications).

The MVNE/MVNO software, provided by Elephant Talk, offers ValidSoft the opportunity to service the security layer needs of this capability. Whilst the synergies between a telecommunications security solutions provider and an innovative telecommunications company may seem obvious, our growing Intellectual Property capability bears testament to this. As the convergence towards the smart phone crystallizes, the need for the security is paramount, and telecommunications is at the core of the capability. Together, ValidSoft and ET innovate, leveraging each other’s core capabilities and strengths, to be the global leaders in managing and securing the mobile cloud.

ValidSoft offers a real-time, risk-based, Out-of-Band Multi-factor Authentication and Transaction Verification platform, designed to prevent fraud across a variety of transaction types and channels including: Card Present (ATM/POS), Card Not Present, Internet Banking,  NFC and the Mobile Wallet, M-Commerce, E-commerce, Mobile Banking, Telephone Banking, Extranet, VPN, Remote Access.

Download Elephant Talk’s Investor Presentation January 2013 (pdf)

Club Mobiel

Technical Partners:
Oberthur Technologies

MVNE Mobile Solutions, PRS services, Carrier Pre Select, Media Streaming

Steven van der Velden, Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer
Mazan alHaddad – Managing Director, Middle East & Africa;
Michael Hagens – VP Sales;
Mark Nije, Chief Financial Officer
Patrick Carroll Chief Executive Officer of ValidSoft Limited
Martin Zuurbier, Chief Technical Officer
Alexander Vermeulen, General Counsel
Johan Dejager, Director
Filip De Vos, Sales, Director & Head of MVNO Project Management;
Rijkman W. J. Groenink, Independent Director
Phil Hickman, Independent Director

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