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Australian MVNO Kogan Mobile updates ‘fair use policy’

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Kogan Mobile has updated the terms and conditions surrounding its fair use policy, following reports of customers being kicked off the network.

SMH reported this week that Kogan Mobile has disconnected a small portion of its customers for breaching the networks ‘fair use policy’.

Following these reports, Kogan Mobile today sent an email to all of its current customers, under the heading: “Change to Kogan Mobile Terms & Conditions”. The email reads as follows:

Thank you for using Kogan Mobile.We are writing to let you know that, effective 6 April 2013, there will be some changes to the Kogan Mobile Terms and Conditions. More than 99% of users are unlikely to be impacted by these changes.

The revised terms and conditions are available here:

Kogan Mobile Terms and Conditions
Kogan Mobile Policies

These changes will not impact the current Access Plan you have purchased. If you have elected to auto-extend your Access Plan, please be mindful that the revised terms and conditions will take effect as and from the date of your auto-extension. You can elect to stop the auto-extension at any time by logging into the Kogan Mobile members area.

We look forward to continuing to provide the best value mobile access in Australia. Our mission is to make the latest and greatest technology more affordable.

Kind regards,

Kogan Mobile

A look into the new acceptable use policy states that Kogan reserves the right to change or amend this policy at any time, specifically as follows:

Kogan reserves the right to change, amend or alter this Acceptable Use Policy or any of the terms of this Policy at any time and notify you by posting an updated version of the Policy on our website. To the extent permitted by Law, any amended Policy will apply between us whether or not we have given you specific notice of any change.

Under the heading “inappropriate use of resources”, Kogan also stipulates a number of conditions that its customers must adhere to, as follows:

5.1. The Service is provided for personal use for the benefit of residential users and is not for commercial use or for use as a permanent connection. You must not:

  1. use software (such as automated agents) to maintain a connection or to reconnect when you are not personally using such connection;
  2. download software or other material for sale, distribution or other non-personal use;
  3. attempt to make more than one simultaneous connection to the Service;
  4. stay connected to the Service continuously for an unreasonable amount of time, or download or upload an unreasonable volume of data, given the purposes for which the Service is provided to you and the usage patterns of other users (for example, staying connected continuously for several days, or downloading gigabytes of data in a short period);
  5. run a telemarketing business or call centre; or
  6. re-supply, resell or commercially exploit the service or re-route call traffic in order to disguise the originating party or for the purposes of resale;
  7. use the Service in a way that is excessive or unreasonable (as reasonably determined by us, having regard to the limits that we consider reasonable for an individual that is using the Service for residential purposes only);
  8. download or upload more than 400MB of data on a single day on three or more occasions in a 30 day period;
  9. download or upload more than 1GB of data on a single day;
  10. recharge your prepaid mobile Service Data plan more than 2 times per 30 day period; or
  11. recharge your prepaid mobile Service Access plan more than once per 30 day period.

5.2. We consider your use of a Service to be unreasonable if a Service remains connected continuously for an unreasonable amount of time, or download or uploads an unreasonable volume of data, given the purposes for which the Service is provided to you and the usage patterns of other users.

5.3. We consider your use of a service to be unreasonable if you make or receive calls on our network other than for your own personal use.

The terms and conditions go on to state that any customer who doesn’t comply with these conditions may have access to Kogan Mobile suspended, either indefinitely or for a specific period, have a time or download limit on your use of the service, or flat out refuse to renew your service at all.

We recommend anyone considering Kogan Mobile go over these terms and conditions in thorough detail.

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Kogan Mobile
Kogan Mobile is an Australian MVNO that was launched Q4’2012 and is a division of Kogan Technologies.
Kogan Technologies is an Australian manufacturer and retailer of consumer electronics devices. The company, founded in 2006 by Ruslan Kogan, sells products direct from Asia to customers in Australia and the United Kingdom. The company competes on price by selling a budget range direct to consumers, bypassing wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. This business model and some of the company’s advertising tactics have resulted in high-profile controversy. Kogan projects $100M+ in revenue in 2011-2012, making it one of Australia‘s fastest growing companies and largest online retailers.
MVNO; Network: Telstra; Services: Prepaid; Status: Active

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