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Why MVNOs and Carriers Aren’t Right for Your M2M Application

aeris-ftAeris have published a new White Paper: “Why MVNOs and Carriers Aren’t Right for Your M2M Application”.


No matter your industry, deploying a machine-to-machine (M2M) application is a complex endeavor. Based on your business requirements, you must consider different technologies (wired, WiFi, cellular, etc.) and if you determine that cellular is right for your company, then there are many more options to consider. You must first know that there are three distinct types of companies that can connect your cellular M2M devices: mobile/cellular carriers, MVNOs and Aeris. To select the provider that is best for you, you must first know the facts. We understand that cellular M2M is complex and confusing – in the following pages, we hope to clarify the situation.

The Problem with MVNOs
As an alternative to a traditional carrier, companies seeking M2M services look to an MVNO. It is true that MVNOs will be more M2M-focused with industry knowledge to offer customers. Unfortunately, they do not own or operate the core network. Since MVNO is providing service using somebody else’s network, they do not offer any elements of the network infrastructure. Thus, the networks, the systems, the connectivity, the numbers in the cellular devices, etc., are generally owned and operated by the underlying carrier. Therefore, MVNOs cannot create the custom solutions that M2M customers need, nor can they provide detailed reports on devices. Most importantly, at best, the MVNO’s network performance will always be the same as the performance of the underlying carrier; at worst, it may be quite limited by their contract with the carrier.

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