M2M DataSmart and Sprint Join Forces to Expand Support for SMB Development of M2M Solutions

m2m-dataSource M2M DataSmart

The M2M segment is comprised of many new and exciting solutions – M2M DataSmart and Sprint are focused on making the road to innovation simple.

 SAN DIEGO – – M2M DataSmart has announced the launch of an initiative for Data Service Enablement to the SMB & Entrepreneurial Startup communities as an incentive to draw more development communities to the Sprint Network.  Sprint has been a long-time advocate of the application developer community and with the rise of machine-to-machine solution development combined with Sprint’s nationwide data network and premiere Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), M2M DataSmart – both companies are promoting more open access of data and network services to make it easier for smaller entrepreneurial start-ups and traditional OEM companies to take an idea from concept to commercial status through collaboration and reduce time-to-market in order to enter the lucrative M2M arena.

As an established leader in the machine-to-machine and embedded device arena, Sprint has certified hundreds of M2M solutions with millions of active embedded devices running  on the Sprint nationwide CDMA network.  The M2M DataSmart service enablement solution is expected to draw even more interested innovators to Sprint’s development community and will align them with M2M solutions for both the consumer electronic and emerging business market.

“At Sprint, we continue to focus on growing the M2M market as a leader in the space.  With our commitment to offer a comprehensive network portfolio of 2G, 3G, and 4G solutions for M2M, we are enabling innovation and growth through our collaboration with M2M DataSmart, and we are committed to making M2M development and deployment easier, faster and more cost effective for tomorrow’s MVNO today on Sprint,” said Wayne Ward, Sprint Vice President of Emerging Solutions. “The growth of the M2M market is demanding more flexibility, support and experience for emerging service companies that Sprint and M2M DataSmart can provide.”

M2M DataSmart (Del Mar, CA) provides its data enablement service platform to aid commercial customers with a full portfolio of available network services to support the development and launch of embedded wireless technology within a variety of M2M data-centric applications.  “The average M2M applications company is an experienced provider in the technology required to field their application but when developing solutions with an embedded CDMA radio…that’s a horse of another color – but it’s where we can help”, said Marc A. Adams, Vice President for M2M DataSmart.  “We support our customers’ timeliness in getting to market quickly by providing developer accounts, enhanced network access, applications engineering, and the most affordable airtime offered to the market…and that’s just side ‘A’.”

Industry analysts forecast the Global M2M market to grow at a compounded growth rate of 25+ percent annually from 2013 – 2016. This growth is being realized through the adoption of M2M services across a number of growing industries.

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