Datora Telecom, Brazil, goes live with Ericsson’s Charging and Billing in One solution

datora-telecomA competitive environment

Datora Telecom is the first authorized Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Brazil, with the ability to target specialist sectors of the Brazilian telecoms market.

The Brazilian market is highly competitive, and Datora Telecom faced several business challenges. As an MVNO it is considered a normal service provider and is therefore expected to comply with relationship management regulations, ensuring service levels in relation to customer care issues, complaints and requests. Building the necessary infrastructure to deal with these issues calls for significant capital investment and ongoing operational costs.

The second challenge Datora Telecom faced was the design, implementation and running of the overall IT environment, including Business Support Systems (BSS). Charging, billing and debt management all fall under this category. Despite the company’s relatively small size, it required a high degree of sophistication and flexibility to support the niche requirements of the market, such as machine-to-machine (M2M).

On top of these challenges, Datora Telecom needed to be able to launch its products and services quickly in order to realize the competitive advantages of being a pioneer. To do this, they needed an experienced and reliable partner who could help them maximize their potential and provide highly efficient IT management support.

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End-to-end support
Ericsson was selected to implement and manage the end-to-end platform to support the MVNO, encompassing the complete software and hardware for the technological platform, as well as providing support and consultation as part of a wider managed services agreement.

Through the integration of OSS and BSS, Ericsson was able to facilitate the administration of the entire lifecycle, from product portfolio development through to billing. At the heart of the solution is Ericsson’s Charging and Billing in One – an end-to-end, real-time charging and billing system. It covers all subscribers and all services, including customer, product and order management, real-time charging and rating, discount and promotion handling, balance management and billing. By being closely integrated with Datora Telecom’s customer relationship management system, it also creates a single customer service point for the consumer, with all technical support directed straight to Ericsson’s Network Operations Center.

Ericsson’s iX Collections debt management system was also deployed, giving Datora Telecom the ability to monitor their customers’ outstanding debt and enable the automatic handling of the debt collections process through configurable workflows. The system helps to increase the efficiency of the collections process, increasing overall business performance by maximizing generated revenue.

The power of outsourcing
“We selected Ericsson for the implementation and running of the end-to-end IT platform because they offered all the key products and services we needed to support our business and quickly grow our market share,” says Wilson Otero. “The M2M market in Brazil is developing rapidly, and we could not have chosen a better partner than Ericsson for the first MVNO in Brazil.

“We have one of the most sophisticated Business Support Systems in the marketplace, which will enable us to stay ahead of the market as we roll out new and innovative M2M services for our customers.”

With Ericsson as the primary consultant and systems integrator, the final project was delivered according to schedule and to a high quality. Ericsson was responsible for managing the IT environment of the MVNO platform, with Datora Telecom seeing numerous benefits as a result.

By outsourcing the management of its entire platform, Datora Telecom is able to focus fully on its core business and customers, all the while achieving substantial cost savings. It can also branch out and address new business models such as M2M. As an MVNO it can offer the complete platform whilst generating additional revenue channels.

With the existing network infrastructure and OSS/BSS in place, this is a model that can now be applied elsewhere, giving newly formed MVNOs the ability to launch operations more easily and efficiently in the future.

Ahead of the game
Ericsson has vast experience and expertise in implementing and managing the IT environment of a communication service provider.

The solution allowed Datora Telecom to successfully launch Brazil’s first MVNO, all the while keeping capex and opex to a minimum. Furthermore, customers of Porto Seguro Conecta will experience an excellent level of customer service together with reliable and affordable products and services.

“Smooth implementation and management is crucial for launching and growing an individual brand and retaining long-standing, loyal customers,” explains Marcos Scheffer, Key Account Manager, Ericsson. “Ericsson, being one of the leading providers of OSS and BSS has contributed to the choice of partner and will support Datora Telecom in growing its business by focusing on quality and innovation while keeping operating costs down.”

Customer Profile

Datora Telecom
Datora Telecom is a leading telecommunications group in Brazil. The group has been offering efficient and innovative products and services to its clients for the last 19 years, including termination, transportation and outsourcing services based on the most modern technology available. Datora Telecom is licensed to operate fixed telephony and internet services.

In addition to operators, Datora Telecom provides services to users through the Tempo brand and to corporate users through the Ora telecom brand. As a pioneer of VoIP services in Latin America, the company was also first to apply for an MVNO license from Anatel, the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency.

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