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Ispone Company Profile – an Australian MVNE

ispone-ftName: Ispone
Organisation Name: Ispone pty ltd
Founders: Zac Swindells and Chris Monching

Level 14 520 Collins Street
Victoria 3000,
t: 1300663400 | f: 1300 665 400
e: sales@ispone.com.au
w: www.ispone.com.au

Ispone pty ltd is an Australian private limited company It was established in 2002. Ispone pty ltd is is one of the leading providers of telecommunication services to the wholesale and retail markets across Australia. Ispone pty ltd offers a number of telecommunication services some of which include Virtual Service Provider (VSP), National broadband connectivity for Service Providers, Communications Service Provider (CSP), mobile services and Billing Operational Support System.

ispONE is a Wholesale Telecommunications company specialising in:

  • Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)
  • Wholesale Voice / Fixed Line Telephony
  • Wholesale ADSL Broadband
  • 3G Mobile Broadband
  • Provisioning & Billing Platforms (iBoss)

Download ISPones Mobile brochure (pdf)

ispONE was founded in 2002 with a clear vision to help small Internet Service Providers (ISPs), current Internet resellers and new Internet entrants into the ISP market compete and grow in the marketplace. ispONE achieves this by facilitating the sales and product to market process in a streamlined approach via online systems.

ispONE is able to offer its customers not only the latest in telecommunication products and services, but also the tools and systems to facilitate their business growth and increase profits whilst reducing over head costs. Via our online systems our customers can concentrate on acquiring new customers whilst having confidence in a structured, well managed reporting system.

ispONE does this by continually developing and evolving its extensive range of wholesale solutions including the latest and best of breed back end systems. ispONE offers an inexpensive managed ISP solution for small to medium ISPs, and resellers. ispONE incorporates a unique product offering called ASP!RE which represents a complete outsourced web based management system including an online web based billing platform, provisioning, reporting and ordering system. ispONE’s core competencies are driven through our expertise in Wholesale Internet operations and web based software applications to achieve total cost efficient management processes.

See a brief Interview with the Founders:

”When we decided to establish ispONE, we acquired the necessary resources through the purchase of a distressed business that was under-performing due to lack of effective management and brand visibility,” Swindells says.

“There was a clearly defined path to re-launch the company and inject the necessary elements for a more successful venture, but to build a presence in a highly competitive market meant that we had to identify segments that were under-serviced, and implement low cost marketing to build credibility for the ispONE brand.”

“Marketing and advertising is a cost intensive exercise when establishing a business, particularly when you are targeting a fragmented market such as regional Australian communities, and small businesses looking to diversify into the ISP space.”

However, the strategy worked. Eight years after the business was established, the ispONE now provides white label services to about 150 of Australia‘s 600 ISPs, with a specific focus on the sector’s smaller players.

The company posted revenue of $28 million in 2009-10, and in the past three years average annual revenue growth has been running at 66%.

The last year has seen ispOne pursue a number of growth opportunities. In 2009 the company expanded into the retail market, launching and ISP called myOne by acquiring two small retail ISP, wand Swindells says the venture continues to gain traction.

The company was also one of four companies invited by Telstra to participate in the trial fibre-to-the premises roll-out in a suburb of Melbourne, which is part of the National Broadband Network start-up.

The Company has also recently signed an agreement with Optus wholesale to provide white label prepaid mobile products and services, which remains one of the fastest growing segments in the telecommunications sector. Swindells says this will allow ispONE to support new and fledgling mobile virtual network operators, who run virtual mobile networks by buying wholesale “air time” from other players.

“Our goal is to continue growing the revenue base at current or greater rate, and to grow the visibility of the company’s brands in new and existing target segments in the telco industry.”

Key benefits of MTS’s MVNO solution:

MVNO, Mobile, VISP, Broadband

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