No More “Bill Shock” Associated With Roaming Mobile Data Costs

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Macheen Launches Roaming Capability for Pinpoint Services Enabling Unprecedented Policy Control Over Roaming Data Costs

AUSTIN, TX–  Macheen Inc., a leading mobile cloudapplication service provider for connected devices, today announced an expansion of its Pinpoint Services offerings to now enable policy control over Roaming mobile data access in addition to local access.

Pinpoint Services enables cellular access to just the business critical sites and applications that employees need to stay productive, such as email or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. With Pinpoint Services, organizations can eliminate data plans and customize mobile broadband services. With this control over both local and Roaming data, companies can reduce costs and gain assurance that the money spent on mobile data is for business use only.

“When it comes to Roaming costs, ‘bill shock’ is common, and often, enterprises are stuck with an outrageous Roaming bill, whether their employees were using the mobile data for work or not,” states Glenda Akers, Vice President of Products, Macheen. “Unlike traditional all-access data plans, Macheen‘s Pinpoint Services platform empowers the always-on connection to just the cloud sites and applications you need, ensuring predictability and control over mobile data costs. With today’s launch, enterprises can now apply this same policy to Roaming data as well as local data, so the days of ‘bill shock’ are over.”

Typically, only the elite few can afford mobile data plans for devices beyond their smartphones. Individuals either go unconnected, or have to find paid Wi-Fi, where the costs are buried in expense reports and impossible to truly assess and manage. Macheen‘s Pinpoint Services capability provides an entirely new right-sized option that enables everyone to afford the mobile data access they need to stay productive. The new Roaming capability enhances the benefits of the existing local Pinpoint Services, including:

  • Policy control that traditional carriers can’t enable
  • Split billing between corporate and personal use
  • Visibility to true data access costs
  • Custom flat rate Roaming packages across geographies

“Our customers are telling us that Roaming charges are out of control and they need a new solution,” adds Akers. “We are excited to solve this massive problem with our innovative, cloud-based platform that allows us to slice and dice the internet based on the policies they apply — for devices moving around the globe. We have already seen enterprises benefit from this capability for their local mobile data needs, and now they can apply it to manage their Roaming rates as well.”

For more information on how you can control Roaming costs, contact or call 512-579-3901.

About Macheen
Macheen Inc. is a leading global mobile application service provider for connected devices and services. Its flexible cloud-based platform enables innovative mobile business models and connected service offerings that can be tailored to individual device and market segments. Macheen is unique in providing a flexible platform for new mobile broadband subscription models for bundled access, sponsored content and fine-grained enterprise connectivity. Macheen has service in over 80 countries, with local service in 11 countries. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Macheen maintains wholly owned subsidiaries in Germany and the United


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