An application programming interface (API) is an interface implemented by a software program which enables it to interact with other software. It facilitates interaction between different software programs similar to the way the user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers. An API is implemented by applicationslibraries, and operating systems to determine their vocabularies and calling conventions, and is used to access their services. It may include specifications for routinesdata structuresobject classes, and protocols used to communicate between the consumer and the implementer of the API.(wiki)


When used in the context of web development, an API is typically a defined set of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request messages, along with a definition of the structure of response messages, which is usually in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. While “Web API” is virtually a synonym for web service, the recent trend (so-called Web 2.0) has been moving away from Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) based services towards more direct Representational State Transfer (REST) style communications.[3] Web APIs allow the combination of multiple services into new applications known as mashups

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API Description Category Updated
Alcatel-Lucent Open Mobile location based services Telephony 2010-01-06
Broadsoft Xtended VoIP telephony services Telephony 2008-05-26
BT Web21C Communications services APIs Telephony 2007-03-07
Called.in Phone Verification Phone number verification service Telephony 2010-05-13
Callfire Hosted Call Center Call center agent service Telephony 2008-03-12
Callfire Voice Broadcast Phone campaign service Telephony 2008-03-12
Cloudvox Voice application platform Telephony 2009-10-12
Cloudvox Digits Telephone number look up service Telephony 2010-05-05
Custom Toll Free Search Toll free phone number search Telephony 2010-07-09
Data8 Mobile Validation Cell phone number validation service Telephony 2010-02-15
Deutsche Telekom Voice Call Telephone network connection service Telephony 2009-02-28
Ericsson Mobile Identification Mobile identification service Telephony 2010-03-03
Ericsson Mobile Location Mobile location tracking service Telephony 2009-11-13
Ericsson Mobile Network Lookup Network lookup service Telephony 2010-03-03
Evoca Phone to web media voice services Telephony 2007-10-20
Feedbooks Mobile book and RSS services Telephony 2008-09-14
Fonolo Call center menu bypass services Telephony 2008-08-21
Globe Labs Telecommunications services Telephony 2009-04-27
Handset Detection Mobile phone database Telephony 2010-02-07
Ifbyphone Cloud based telephony service for IVR and dialer apps Telephony 2008-02-24
iLime Mobile push notification service for Apple iPhone Telephony 2009-12-28
IntelePeer Telephony From the Cloud Service Telephony 2009-03-28
Jaduka Internet and PSTN voice services Telephony 2007-03-10
ktailab Mobile Country Code Find locations based on mobile information Telephony 2009-11-29
Location-API.com Mobile location tracking service Telephony 2009-11-06
Lypp VoIP Callback & Teleconferencing API Telephony 2007-10-20
Mobile Vikings API Belgian mobile network operator Telephony 2010-02-15
MyVox Phone to web media voice services Telephony 2008-02-21
NuGram Runtime Speech recognition service Telephony 2010-02-02
Open Voice (AOL) VoIP telephony services Telephony 2008-04-29
Orange Device Capability Enabler Mobile device checking services Telephony 2008-10-03
Orange VoiceMashup IVR, Interactive Voice Response system Telephony 2009-05-02
PhoneDog Cell phone information, service data, and news. Telephony 2007-06-18
Phweet Twitter talk service Telephony 2009-06-08
Ribbit Flash based VoIP service Telephony 2007-10-28
Ringful Create rich voice and SMS mashups via simple RESTful API Telephony 2008-10-12
ShotCode Allows phones to act as barcode scanners Telephony 2008-04-11
Sipgate Internet telephone service provider Telephony 2007-09-12
Skydeck Mobile services Telephony 2008-09-03
Skype Internet communication Telephony 2005-09-11
Speek Web based voice conferencing service Telephony 2010-02-24
SpokenBuzz Voice services portal Telephony 2007-08-06
Sprint Mobile application development service Telephony 2009-06-28
Tall Umbrella VoIP notifications service Telephony 2009-04-16
TeliaSonera Developer Location Cell based location service Telephony 2010-05-17
TringMe VoIP telephony services Telephony 2008-06-21
Tropo Communications API for voice, SMS and Instant Messaging Telephony 2009-08-30
Twilio Telephony service Telephony 2009-01-10
Upside Wireless Text messaging service provider Telephony 2007-07-23
Veriplace Developer Real time mobile location service Telephony 2010-05-06
VoiceForge Online speech service Telephony 2009-09-09
Voxbone VoIP provisioning service Telephony 2007-05-10
Voxeo Services for IVR and Voice over IP, VoIP Telephony 2009-09-16
WURFL Phone capability query service Telephony 2010-04-19
Xtify Android push notification service Telephony 2010-04-14


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