German supermarket chain Edeka’s discount MVNO Edeka mobil plans to launch a handset mobile internet flat-rate for mobile surfing in April for €9.95 per month. The option is still not available in the official tariff document, but was announced by

The tariff will be valid for 30 days and will automatically be renewed unless the customer cancels, and as long as there is sufficient credit on their pre-paid account. Edeka Mobil runs on the Vodafone Germany network. A Vodafone spokesperson confirmed to that Edeka Mobil would offer a data flat-rate bundle at the beginning of April, but declined to provide further details. However: The Internet Flat rate will probably have a maximum of 3.6 Mbit / s downstream and will offer in return (due to the slow speed) a higher unthrottled data cap than the standard 200 MB. Edeka Mobil offers a €0.09 flat rate for voice minutes and SMS to all German networks. Calls to voicemail are free, and data costs €0.24 per MB and clocked in 10-kB-units.

Edeka mobil
Owned by German Supermarket Edeka which launched in November 2008. Edeka mobil originally used E-Plus network, but now it uses Vodafone.
MVNO; Network: Vodafone; MVNE: moconta; Services: Pre+postpaid; Status: Active

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