With the latest launch of Lyca Mobile USA, and a unlikely competitor, Ultra Mobile, another T-Mobile MVNO, we have seen allot of buzz around Lyca vs Ultra…

Key differentiators:

  • Ultra has unlimited global included text on all plans. Lyca is 4 cents per SMS for global
  • Lyca is offering international as a promo and to only 50 countries. Also 90% are landline online. Ultra includes international as standard on its $39-$59 plans and they include everywhere in the world. (194 countries, 4 continents – not just the less expensive destinations)
  • We have Call Me Free, Free 411, and 3 Way calling. Lyca does not have the first and makes no mention of the other two.
  • Our data is better at the $49-$59 price points.
  • We have a lower priced introductory plan that gives you unlimited global text and call me free plus 4G data at $29.

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Other Key differences are:

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Lyca Mobile USA
MVNO; Network:T-Mobile; Services: prepaid; Status: Active New 23-03-13

Based in New York and Los Angeles, Ultra Mobile develops wireless phone and mobile money solutions to improve the quality of life for its customers. The company’s mission is to provide convenient and affordable services that connect individuals with their extended families and friends living around the world. As the first nationwide MVNO with inexpensive international direct-calling options, the company launched its initial offering, the only voice, text and 4G data mobile phone service enabling consumers to make direct international calls from their own cell phones on a high-quality GSM network for as little as one cent a minute. Prior to launch, Ultra Mobile sold more than 400,000 SIM cards that are being distributed to stores around the country. The company will unveil its mobile money solutions in 2013. Ultra Mobile’s management team are telecom innovators and advocates supporting social equity in telecommunications. Learn why everyone’s talking about Ultra Mobile at and follow the company on social media at and
MVNO; Network:T-Mobile; Services: prepaid; Status: Active New 05-09-12

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