UK Post Office delivers bad news to Brightstar

UK, Post Office, Brightstar Plans to ditch the Post Office MVNO come less than a year after it launched Brightstar has suffered a blow after the Post Office announced plans to ditch its MVNO less than a year after it launched. PREMIUM CONTENT: Please Login, or subscribe for access. Interested in subscribing? view a MVNO

Orange announced the end of french MVNO, M6 Mobile

MVNO, M6 Mobile Orange Mobile has announced that it will soon cease its JV MVNO, M6 Mobile. After the recent closures of other French MVNOs, Joe Mobile and Virgin Mobile, do MVNO still have a future? M6 Mobile uses Orange networks. M6 Mobile offers will be completed by July 11. To date, the offers will

BT continues MVNO offering despite EE acquisition

BT MVNO BT has launched a pay monthly mobile service as it looks to bolster its MVNO offering, in spite of closing its acquisition of EE earlier this year. With incentives in place for existing customers and separate welcome offers for new, BT is offering pay-monthly tariffs with SIM card in tow for as little

FLEXIROAM Launch of ‘Flexiroam X’ for Data Roaming

FLEXIROAM X Perth, FLEXIROAM Limited (ASX:FRX) is pleased to announce that it’s subsidiary FLEXIROAM Sdn Bhd (“FLEXIROAM”) has launched its new flagship data roaming product, “X” today. The “X” App is a mobile application which works with “X”, a thin, microchip-embedded film to be applied on a user’s existing SIM. Once applied, “X” provides access