wholesale roaming

The European Commission, Parliament and member states are meeting 18 January to try and reach a compromise on new wholesale roaming price caps. The Commission said it’s leading the trilogue talks, while it will be up to the Parliament and member states to reach a final agreement.
The Commission said it hopes for a quick agreement, in order to give operators time to prepare for the end to retail roaming surcharges in June. The EU institutions have already reached an agreement on fair-use rules for ‘roam like home’, but are still far apart on the level of wholesale rates, particularly for data services.

The current wholesale cap is EUR 0.05 per MB, and the Commission has proposed reducing this to EUR 0.0085 from June. The Parliament earlier approved a sharper reduction, to EUR 0.004 per MB from June and gradually falling to EUR 0.001 in 2020, equal to EUR 1 per GB. The EU member states have proposed a much higher rate, of EUR 0.01 per MB from June, falling gradually to EUR 0.005 in 2021, with an evaluation by the European Commission after two years to see how the market is functioning.
wholesale roaming