Lycamobile launches 4G in Australia

Lycamobile, 4G, Australia Lycamobile has today launched 4G data services across its Australian network after expanding its partnership with Telstra Wholesale. The new deal will see the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) expand its mobile offering to provide a 4G coverage footprint of 95% of the Australian population and a combined 4G and 3G coverage…

Malaysian MVNO Altel to roll-out own 4G LTE network

Malaysian, MVNO, Altel, 4G, LTE Malaysian MVNO Altel Communications Sdn Bhd, has teamed up with Huawei Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd for the roll-out of its own 4G LTE mobile broadband services. Altel launched in August 2013 as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) on Celcom Axiata’s network and has 20,000 registered subscribers in Malaysia. Last…


RED COMPARTIDA El titular de la Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT), Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, comentó que la red compartida duplicará el número de usuarios atendidos por las redes de cuarta generación (4G) en México. Es decir, habrá 40 millones de usuarios más, con lo que se dará servicio al 85% de la población, detalló…

Lancement du forfait 4G chez Budget Mobile

Budget Mobile La marque de Budget Telecom, Budget Mobile vient de compléter son offre mobile avec le forfait 4G. Le lancement d’une telle offre est très attendu par beaucoup en France Métropolitaine. L’opérateur Budget Telecom perce le marché du 4G avec son premier et nouveau forfait 4Go. Cet abonnement inclut des appels, SMS, MMS et…

Australian Telco & MVNO Macquarie Telecom adds Telstra 4G for business customers

MVNO Macquarie Telecom Wholesale provider Macquarie Telecom, is upgrading its customers to 4G for free, through Telstra’s extensive 4G network. Macquarie Telecom has announced that it will become the first business-to-business telecommunications provider to offer 4G mobile services across Telstra’s network. NEW PROMOTION: click here for details. PREMIUM CONTENT: Please Login, or subscribe for access.…

The 4G MVNO opportunity in Asia grows

Jennifer Kyriakakis, Founder and VP Marketing at MATRIXX This vendor-written piece has been edited by Executive Networks Media to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favour the submitter’s approach. The opportunity for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Asia is being defined by a big shift in the telecoms marketplace — the consumer…

Ukkoverkot gets EUR 4.5 mln from pension, investment firms

Finnish pensions provider Veritas said it, Bocaps PK-Arvonkasvattajat Fund I and state-owned finance company Finnvera have invested EUR 4.5 million in Ukkoverkot. Its Ukko Mobile brand provides nationwide LTE services in the 450 MHz band it its Ukkonet LTE-A service uses the 2.6 GHz band. Bocaps founder Julianna Borsos said Ukkoverkot has a unique competitive…

4G-service fee decrease promotes industrial changes

A web-based survey on over 100 thousand users from Sina shows that, a great difference between the actual and expected Internet access fees of them exists. Mobile Internet access fees of seven in ten users range from RMB 50 yuan to 200 yuan a month, while the acceptable fee of 73.6 percent users is within…

Kabelanbieter Tele Columbus erweitert Triple Play Angebot um Mobilfunk

Eigenes Mobilfunkangebot mit Telefon-Flatrate und High-Speed-Datendienst auf LTE-Basis in Vorbereitung Günstige Kombi-Pakete mit bestehendem Angebot aus Fernsehen, Internet und Telefon über den Kabelanschluss Markteinführung im zweiten Halbjahr 2015 geplant Die Tele Columbus Gruppe, der drittgrößte deutsche Kabelnetz­betreiber, erweitert sein Portfolio um ein eigenes Mobilfunkangebot.Langfristiger strategischer Partner zur Einführung der mobilen Daten- und Telefoniedienste wird die…

Motorola Solutions quiere lanzar un MVNO para brindar servicios de seguridad pública en México

Motorola Solutions pretende utilizar los recursos de la red mayorista mexicana sobre la banda de 700 MHz para lanzar un operador móvil virtual (MVNO, por sus siglas en inglés) enfocado en brindar soluciones de seguridad pública. En una entrevista concedida a Notimex, Héctor Luna, director de Ventas para Gobierno de la compañía, afirmó que la…

La CNMC obliga a Orange a dar acceso a MasMóvil a su red de 4G de forma cautelar

La Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC) ha decidido obligar a Orange a dar acceso de forma cautelar a su red de 4G al operador MasMóvil. Orange deberá presentar una oferta mayorista completa adaptada a la estructura de MasMóvil en un plazo de 10 días, según ha informado este martes el organismo…

BT boasts 50,000 consumer mobile subs

BT was sufficiently impressed with take-up of its recently-launched consumer mobile service, BT Mobile, to announce that its range of SIM-only offers had attracted over 50,000 customers in the space of six weeks. The UK incumbent was nonetheless coy about its business mobile services, refusing to disclose take-up figures for its Cloud Phone (BT One…

Orange must give MasMovil access to 4G network, says Spain’s watchdog

Spain’s competition watchdog (CNMC) said Orange must give its MVNO rival MasMovil temporary access to its 4G network within the next ten days, Adding that there was a “clear failure” on the part of Orange to do so according to a contract signed in May 2013, leading MasMovil to complain to CNMC in November 2014.…

H2O BOLT Replacing WiMAX with LTE

H2O Wireless has posted an announcement to its website for users of its H2O BOLT mobile broadband service. According to the announcement, H2O will be shuttering its WiMAX broadband on September 20, 2015. H2O will be offering an upgrade to LTE in place of WiMAX. Earlier this year Sprint announced that it will be discontinuing…

Defense Mobile, Nation’s First Telecommunications Company Specifically for Military Service Members, Veterans and Their Families Launches with 4G Mobile Service, Smartphones, Cash Back Rewards Card and Apps

Company, Led By Military Veterans, Giving 10% Of Profits Back To Veterans Service Organizations; Member Care Center Is 100% Veteran-Staffed; Board Includes Former Joint Chiefs Of Staff Chairman, Former Sergeant Major of the Army, Two Navy SEALS, Five Flag Officers, one Medal of Honor recipient, Former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force And Other Members…

Virgin Mobile Chile aims to launch 4G services

Chilean MVNO Virgin Mobile aims to launch mobile services through LTE in the future, Diario Financiero reports, citing the operator’s CEO Juan Antonio Etcheverry. The executive said that the firm will await for local telecoms regulator Subtel to award the concessions in the 700MHz band. Virgin Mobile had launched operations in Chile on 12 April…

Virgin Mobile Chile aims to launch 4G services

Chilean MVNO Virgin Mobile aims to launch mobile services through LTE in the future, Diario Financiero reports, citing the operator’s CEO Juan Antonio Etcheverry. The executive said that the firm will await for local telecoms regulator Subtel to award the concessions in the 700MHz band. Virgin Mobile had launched operations in Chile on 12 April…

Colombian MVNO ETC reaches 100,000 subs, adds 4G

Colombian telecoms operator ETB expects to attract over 350,000 mobile telephony subscribers by the end of 2015, Comunidad Ola reports, citing the company’s president Saul Kattan. The executive said that the telco currently has nearly 100,000 mobile subscribers. ETB has launched 4G LTE services in October 2014. The operator already offers the service in capital…

Google launches Project Fi mobile phone network

Google has detailed its plan to run a mobile phone network in the US. The firm will rent voice and data capacity from two existing operators – Sprint and T-Mobile – and use existing wi-fi hotspots, rather than build new infrastructure from scratch. Initially, Project Fi will only be offered to Nexus 6 handset owners.…

『hi-ho LTE typeDシリーズ』で高速通信量2GBプランが登場!5月1日から

ハイホーが運営する格安SIMサービス『hi-ho LTE typeDシリーズ』で、高速データ通信量が2GBある「hi-ho LTE typeD エントリー」を2015年5月1日から新設されます。


コース名 hi-ho LTE typeD エントリー
SIMの種類 データ通信専用SIM SMS機能対応SIM 音声通話対応SIM
月額料金 770円 910円 1,470円
高速データ通信量 2GB
低速時の最大速度 200kbps
最低利用期間 1年
違約金 データ専用(SMS付き)SIMの場合、違約金は5,000円。 音声対応SIMの場合、(12ヵ月 – 利用開始月を0ヵ月とした利用月数) × 1,000円。
MNP転入 可能
コース変更 一旦、解約してから再度契約(手数料が掛かる)
提供SIM 標準、micro、nano


注意点は、データ専用SIMであっても1年の縛り (最低利用期間) が存在すること。1年以内に解約すると5,000円の違約金が掛かります。音声対応SIMは他のMVNOと同じ水準の縛りとなるので、特に気になる点はありません。



Wal-Mart boosts LTE data for T-Mobile US-powered Family Mobile plans

500 MB boost bolsters T-Mobile US-powered Wal-Mart plans in face of increased competition Wal-Mart’s Family Mobile service received a boost over the weekend as the big-box retailer increased the amount of LTE-based data access for two of its rate plans. The $30-per-month plan now includes 1 gigabyte of LTE data access, while the $40-per-month plan…

China Leads LTE SIM, Followed by US

China leads LTE SIM shipments thanks to China’s leading mobile network operators acquiring millions of LTE subscribers as they continued to roll out 4G networks says SIMalliance. Globally, LTE SIM shipments enjoyed another boom year, with volumes rising 330 percent to 540 million. North America (138 million units) was superseded by Greater China (270 million…

『楽天モバイル』ZenFone 5 (8GB版) と同時契約で、9500円キャッシュバック!4月30日まで

楽天モバイルの契約とZenFone 5 (8GB/ブラック) の一括購入をした方に、キャリアの解約金相当の9,500円をキャッシュバックするキャンペーンが開催されています。期間は2015年4月14日(火)10:00~4月30日(木)9:59まで。また購入特典として、楽天ポイントが1,000ポイントとSDカード(16GB)も貰えます。

ZenFone 5 (8GB) は一括購入で2万6,400円(税込2万8,512円)となり、9,500円のキャッシュバックを受けると端末代金は実質1万9,012円となります(別途で楽天モバイルの初期手数料が税込3,240円必要)。



  • 本キャンペーンにエントリーすること
  • ZenFone 5(8GB/ブラック)を一括購入 + SIMカードをお申し込み
  • 2015年7月末日までに楽天モバイルが開通





  • 2015年7月末日までにサービス利用が開始していない場合
  • キャッシュバック特典の送金までに楽天モバイルのご契約が解約されていた場合、または解約の申し出をされた場合
  • 2015年8月13日までに楽天モバイルに楽天スーパーポイント口座が登録されていない場合


  • 楽天銀行のメール送金サービス「メルマネ」を利用して、キャッシュバック特典の送金
  • 楽天銀行株式会社からの送金通知メールは、エントリー時点で楽天モバイルにご登録されているメールアドレス宛に2015年8月下旬頃にお送りいたします。
  • 送金通知メールの送信日より指定期日以内(45日)にお手続きいただけなかった場合、特典が無効となりますのでご注意ください。送金通知メールの再送は行いません。




ZenFone 5の端末セットでキャッシュバックを行うMVNOが増えてきましたね。楽天モバイルの場合、8GB版なのであまりオススメはしないですが、ストレージ容量が少なくても問題ないならば、かなり安く購入できるチャンスだと思います。