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FreedomPop is a free Internet service provider based in the US. Founded in 2011, it was backed by Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom and his venture capital firm Atomico in 2011, and received $7.5 million in its first round of funding in 2012. FreedomPop has partnered with Clearwire and Sprint to provide free wireless data to users.

FreedomPop’s has several mobile broadband devices including a 4G iPhone Sleeve and 4G iPod Sleeve and will initially launch with its 4G dongle Wi-Fi hotspot devices in 2012.

In 2012, FreedomPop will begin providing free Internet services in the United States through wholesale Internet carriers. Founded on the premise that the Internet is a “right, not a privilege”, FreedomPop aims to offer all Americans free Internet. FreedomPop ended the partnership with LightSquared as a result of FCC regulatory issues, and instead decided to partner with Clearwire. FreedomPop expanded its network partnerships in July by signing Sprint and gaining access to its LTE network.

FreedomPop’s business plan is to provide a set amount of data to users for free, sell excess data at the rate of $0.01 per megabyte, and allow users to trade unused data capacities with each other on a social network. FreedomPop will also sell wireless accessories. Tony Miller, FreedomPop’s vice president of marketing, believes that 10-15% of users will opt for premium plans. This freemium revenue model is similar to that of Dropbox and Spotify, two companies that also offer free and premium services.

FreedomPop is pursuing a freemium business model, where it will provide a set amount of data to users, for free, sell excess data at a nominal cost, and allow users to trade unused data capacities with each other on a social network. Free Internet is FreedomPop’s primary service. After paying an upfront equipment deposit, FreedomPop users will receive 500 MB of data for free each month. Additional data will be available for $10 per gigabyte.

Data from Sprint’s 4G LTE, WiMax, and 3G networks will be available through portable WiFi hotspots or iPhone cases sold by FreedomPop.

FreedomPop’s initial decision to buy wholesale Internet from LightSquared in early 2012 was met with some controversy.Writers and columnists cited the ongoing FCC investigation as to whether or not LightSquared interferes with GPS frequencies when they admonished FreedomPop to choose another less-controversial wholesale Internet provider. In early 2012, FreedomPop ended their partnership with LightSquared and partnered with Clearwire for wholesale Internet. In July 2012, FreedomPop broadened its list of partnerships to include Sprint

FreedomPop’s slogan, “The Internet is a right, not a privilege” has also met some controversy. Critics claim that the slogan, taken literally, promotes too loose of a definition of “rights” and that there is no constitutional right to Internet. FreedomPop supporters argue that they are a private company providing free Internet, not a government that uses taxpayer money to provide free Internet.

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FreedomPop first announced plans to offer an iPhone sleeve back in March and since then it has been gradually releasing details of its innovative business strategy. The all-data mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) will resell first Clearwire’s WiMAX and then Sprint’s CDMA and LTE data services, but only after customers use up their monthly allotment of free data.
MVNO; Network: Sprint CDMA & LTE; & Clearwire WiMAX Services: Pre+Postpaid; StatusActive

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