Goood launches Social enterprise MVNO in Austria, Germany

Goood, MVNO, Austria, Germany MVNO Goood will launch on 01 February in Germany and Austria, with the promise of donating 10 percent of all tariff prices to charity. Goood operates in the O2/Telefonica network with technical processing offered by Drillisch Online. Customers can choose from 150 projects in six categories to support with their monthly

MVNO Goood to enter Austrian market in spring

MVNO Goood The ‘socially minded’ MVNO called Goood will enter the Austrian market in spring, reports Der Standard. It is already active in Germany, where customers can make calls and donate part of their subscription to charity. The launch in Austria will partly be financed from crowdfunding, and over EUR 274,000 has been collected in

Goood, a German Charity MVNO begins pre-registration for service

Goood German charity MVNO Goood has started pre-registration for its tariffs that will become available from 31 January 2017. The tariffs include a percentage of the monthly fee that is donated to a charity each month. For each customer that pre-registers before 31 January 2017, Goood will double the donation percentage during the complete contract