FLEXIROAM Launch of ‘Flexiroam X’ for Data Roaming

FLEXIROAM X Perth, FLEXIROAM Limited (ASX:FRX) is pleased to announce that it’s subsidiary FLEXIROAM Sdn Bhd (“FLEXIROAM”) has launched its new flagship data roaming product, “X” today. The “X” App is a mobile application which works with “X”, a thin, microchip-embedded film to be applied on a user’s existing SIM. Once applied, “X” provides access

BRIEF: FNB launches free WhatsApp on FNB Connect

FNB Connect WhatsApp South Africa’s FNB has announced that its FNB Connect subscribers are able to use WhatsApp free since 1 May. This will run as a promotion on the mobile virtual network operator until 31 July. During this period, customers will be able to use WhatsApp without incurring data charges. Customers are not required

WiFi Offloading: What does it mean to an MVNO?

WiFi MVNO WiFi offloading enables mobile subscribers to utilize free WiFi hotspots to send and receive data. For MVNOs that can mean reduced data revenues — but it also eases bandwidth demand to keep speeds up and subscribers happy. So what does it all mean? First, a little history. The relatively recent and rapid proliferation

65% of Americans traveling outside the U.S. will use mobile data to check in with loved ones back home

Verizon TravelPass You can now be connected in 100+ countries with Verizon TravelPass(SM) A new survey reveals one in three Americans is planning to travel outside of the U.S. in the next year. Of those traveling internationally, a whopping 80 percent plan to use their phone and data on their phone with 65 percent checking

65% of Americans traveling outside the U.S. will use mobile data to check in with loved ones back home

Verizon TravelPass You can now be connected in 100+ countries with Verizon TravelPassSM A new survey reveals one in three Americans is planning to travel outside of the U.S. in the next year. Of those traveling internationally, a whopping 80 percent plan to use their phone and data on their phone with 65 percent checking

GigSky Streamlines Management of International Mobile Data

GigSky Global coverage, control and visibility for the Enterprise and SMB International wireless carrier and mobile technology company GigSky, today announced the release of GigSky Enterprise Manager (GEM). GEM is for businesses that have a need for global data connectivity management. It provides convenient, centralized control to support global business operations, and enables mission critical

PLDT Partners NTT Com to Offer Mobile Data Service for Filipinos in Japan

PLDT NTT Communications Leading Philippine telecom and digital services provider, PLDT has partnered with NTT Communications to bring to the roughly 240,000 Filipinos residing in Japan an innovative service that bundles mobile internet with free calls and remittance services. The service, dubbed as SMART World, was launched on 15th of last month. This prepaid subscription

BRIEF: Deutsche Telekom starts MVNO with FC Bayern

Deutsche Telekom MVNO Deutsche Telekom announced the launch of a new MVNO with football team FC Bayern. FCB Mobile will offer prepaid and postpaid plans, delivered through the club’s fan shops, Telekom shops and online at www.FCBayernMobil.de . The prepaid starter kit costs EUR 9.95 for the same amount of credit, 500 MB data at

Telstra delivers 4G mobile speed boost to budget Aussie telcos

Telstra 4G More Australians will have access to faster mobile broadband speeds after Telstra granted more wholesaler partners access to the 4G network. Customers of Woolworths Mobile, AldiMobile and several other budget Aussie telcos can now enjoy faster mobile broadband after Telstra fast-tracked their access to its 4G network. Rather than building their own phone

Dell adds Transatel SIM card to 2-in-1 laptop series

Dell Transatel Dell is introducing a pre-installed Transatel SIM 901 SIM card from MVNE Transatel in the recently launched Dell Latitude 12 7000 Series 2-in-1 laptop equipped with Windows 10. Transatel’s SIM 901 technology allows consumers to purchase pre-paid 3G/4G-LTE data services directly from within the Windows 10 operating system and Windows Store that will

Free Whatsapp for Spanish FreedomPop

Whatsapp FreedomPop FreedomPop, a wireless internet, and mobile phone service provider, which offers limited free voice and data services will launch in Spain this summer with a new alluring offer –free WhatsApp messaging and calling regardless of usage. Considering that 70 percent of mobile consumers in Spain use WhatsApp, the company is targeting 500,000 to

FreedomPop launches in Spain with zero-rated WhatsApp service

FreedomPop WhatsApp FreedomPop officially launched its free mobile service in Spain as it continued expand its footprint in Europe. The MVNO is also touting a new zero-rated data offering for any usage of WhatsApp, which it says accounts for 90 percent of texting in Spain. FreedomPop offers limited buckets of free voice, text and data,

Evolving Technologies Change the Nature of Internet Use

MVNO Americans’ rapid move toward mobile Internet service appears to be coming at the expense of home broadband connections, according to the latest computer and Internet use data released by NTIA. At the same time, many Americans are using a wider range of computing devices in their daily lives. Both of these findings suggest that

Cricket takes aim at T-Mobile with new unlimited data plan

Cricket Wireless T-Mobile Cricket Wireless on Sunday will launch a new unlimited wireless plan that’ll offer unlimited talk, text and data service for $70 per month. The rate drops to $65 per month for customers that sign up for the auto-debit feature, bringing the total monthly cost down to just $65 which includes all applicable

VIDEO: Virgin Mobile holds ‘world-first’ data auction for most post-paid Aussie telco customers

Virgin Mobile If you’re a Virgin Mobile postpaid customer WITHOUT data rollover activated, or most post-paid customers of Aussie telcos (again without data rollover), Virgin Mobile has a stunning auction stunt that comes with attention grabbing pop! Claiming to be holding a ‘world-first’ data auction, Virgin Mobile says that ‘bidding is open to any Aussie

Majority of Wireless Consumers Support Abolition of Net Neutrality

Net neutrality A new CTIA commissioned Harris Poll survey found that Americans would overwhelmingly welcome new free data options that allow consumers to access more content and services without counting against their data plan. Specifically, 94% of the Millennials (18-34 years old) were more likely to try to a new online service if it was

Tune Talk Madness Top Up: Reload & get Free credit or up to 4GB data

Tune Talk Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Tune Talk announced its new “Tune Talk Madness Top Up promotion” offering its prepaid subscribers who reload with free data or free credit, and in some cases, free data plus free credit. For example, a Tune Talk prepaid customer who reload RM50 gets 1.5GB of data plus RM10

0 SIMとイオンモバイルが参戦――「格安SIM」18サービスの実効速度を比較(ドコモ回線3月編) (1/2)

MVNO 格安SIMを選ぶうえで料金と並んで重要な「通信速度」。2015年7月から続けている本企画では主要な格安SIMサービスの通信速度を月に1回、横並びで比較する。今回は2016年3月のドコモ回線を使ったサービスの測定結果を紹介しよう。 MVNOが提供している「格安SIM」を選ぶうえで、料金はもちろんだが、「通信速度」も重要な決め手になる。料金は各社のWebサイトやカタログに表示されていて比較しやすいが、通信速度は各社一律「下り最大150Mbps」「下り最大225Mbps」などと表記されており、実際のところどれだけの速度が出るのかが分からない。 そこで、2015年7月から各社が提供している格安SIMの“実効速度”を毎月調査し、その結果を横並びで紹介している。今回は2016年3月編として、先月のドコモ系MVNOの通信速度をリポートしたい。au系MVNOについても同時に調査したので、別途記事化する。本企画がMVNOサービスを選択する際の一助になると幸いだ。 通信速度の調査方法 今回、テストを行ったのは以下の19サービスだ。 IIJmio OCN モバイル ONE BIGLOBE LTE・3G b-mobile(おかわりSIM) So-net モバイル LTE 楽天モバイル NifMo ぷららモバイルLTE(7GBプラン) ワイヤレスゲート FREETEL SIM DMM mobile U-mobile(LTE使い放題) Wonderlink(LTE Iシリーズ) Wonderlink(LTE Fシリーズ) mineo(Dプラン) DTI SIM 0 SIM イオンモバイル ドコモ(mopera U) 本家ドコモのサービスである「mopera U」を除くと、MVNOのサービスは計18。前回(2月)までは16サービスだったが、3月からは、ソネットの500MB未満まで無料のサービス「0 SIM」と、イオンが自らMVNOとなって提供している「イオンモバイル」のSIMを追加した。 なお、いずれのSIMも下り最大150Mbpsまたは225MbpsのLTEサービスに対応したものを使っている。 調査条件は以下の通り。 計測端末:ZenFone 2×2台 計測アプリ:RBB TODAY SPEEDTEST 計測時間帯:平日午前(8時50分~)、午後(12時20分~)、夕方(18時~)の3時間帯 計測場所:JR横浜駅西口(午前、午後、夕方)、東京都港区のアイティメディア社内(午後のみ) 計測回数:各時間帯・場所で1サービス、上下3回ずつ(平均値を掲載) 各サービスの測定を開始した時刻は、以降の各時間帯の表を見てほしい。通信測定のエラー、明らかにありえない速度(理論値超え)が表示された場合は再測定とした。 人力のテストなので、全てのサービスを同時に測定しているわけではないことはご理解いただきたい。またau回線の記事でも触れるが、測定の前半はauのMVNOも同時に計測しているため3台同時の測定となり、前半のサービスは測定を始めるまでの準備に時間がかかっている。 本企画で紹介する通信速度は、時間帯や場所によって大きく変化するので、記事で紹介されている数値を100%うのみにせず、あくまで参考値としてご覧いただきたい。 平日午前は「mineo(Dプラン)」が唯一の20Mbps超え 今回の測定は3月28日(月)にJR横浜駅西口前、3月29日(火)に東京都港区のアイティメディア社内で行った。まずは横浜駅での午前中の測定結果をお伝えする。

Porto Seguro Conecta introduces Wi-Fi Calling :: Brief

Porto Seguro Conecta Brazilian MVNO Porto Seguro Conecta has launched native Wi-Fi Calling, without the need for applications for Android users. As a result, users can make and receive calls using an internet connection, even when there is no mobile network signal. There will be no additional costs for the use of Wi-Fi Calling, but

Smartphone billing puts telcos back on notice

MVNO Megabyte rounding and 28-day cycles criticised. Consumer smartphone plans are back under the spotlight after successive changes to the way they are billed. Earlier this month, plan changes by value mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Amaysim cast light on a recent move to make prepaid plans expire after 28 days instead of 30 days.

speakOUT Prepaid re-branded, offers 100GB data at RM50 for Tourist

speakOUT speakOUT, a prepaid mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), launched its re-branded corporate identity today and introduced two new prepaid service including one with a 100GB data for tourist. speakOUT Prepaid is a basic prepaid service. The SIM pack retails for RM16 with a preloaded talktime amount of RM2 and 500MB worth of data valid

How Silicon Valley’s GigSky Has Corralled Silent Roamers

GigSky It’s not quite an episode of The Walking Dead, but it always comes to mind when I think of silent roamers. After all, I used to be one myself (just to clarify – not a zombie). I’m talking about the people who travel and fail to purchase an international data plan because of the






だが多くの人は、イオンが今、MVNOに参入したということ自体に疑問を抱くだろう。同社は2014年に、グーグルの「Nexus 4」と日本通信のSIMをセットで販売。低速ながらも従来のキャリアのスマートフォンより安価に利用できたことから、「格安スマホ」として大きな注目を集めた経緯がある。




ではなぜ、イオンは従来のパートナーをライバルにしながらも、MVNOとしてサービスを提供するという決断を下したのだろうか。2月18日の記者向け説明会に登壇したイオンリテールの住居余暇商品企画本部 デジタル事業部でイオンモバイル事業を担当している橋本昌一氏は、大きく3つの理由を挙げた。














Sprint launches data-only “Charge” pay-as-you-go service

Sprint If you’re like us, you live for the day in which a data-only phone package is offered. With all the services available today, a traditional minutes and texting plan seems like a huge waste. “Charge” is the first carrier of sorts to step forward and cater to such a crowd with their “Charge” branded