Survey Reveals 56% of Travellers that Roam with Their Existing Operators SIM card are paying upto £150 extra per trip

Survey, Roam, SIM A recent survey commissioned by WorldSIM has revealed that 31% of travellers still don’t use their phone when they travel abroad. 40% use their existing provider and 15% of people use an international SIM card to stay connected. The survey found that more than half (56%) of people who used their regular

WorldSIM launches new Neuvo smartwatch for global travel

Today marks the day of availability for WorldSIM’s new smart watch, which allows you to utilize your WorldSIM roaming service directly inside the watch and leave your phone at home instead of taking it with you. The smartwatch packs an impressive 380mah battery under the hood, along with up to 32GB expandable memory. The device

Data Roaming Charges Reduced in 45 Countries

International roaming specialist, WorldSIM, have dropped data roaming rates by as much as 99% The global communications company, WorldSIM, have reduced the data roaming charges on their worldwide data SIM card even further, by as much as 99%. Their new rates are significantly lower and have been applied to over 45 countries so international travellers

WorldSIM Launches Compact Tablet for Worldwide Travellers

The WorldSIM 3G 7” tablet is designed to keep holidaymakers entertained and connected while on the move, offering low cost worldwide data and free incoming calls in almost 100 countries International roaming specialist WorldSIM has taken a leap into the tablet market with the launch of the WorldSIM 7” 3G tablet. Designed with travel in

WorldSIM Launches Compact Tablet for Worldwide Travellers

International network specialist WorldSIM has taken a leap into the tablet market with the launch of its Philco 7” 3G tablet which is available to pre-order from the 1st May 2015. Designed with travel in mind, the WorldSIM Philco 3G is a seven inch Android tablet that has two front facing speakers and excellent graphics,

Survey Finds International Travellers Suffer ‘Mobile-Phobia’ Due to Lack of Information and Rising Roaming Fees

Recent survey from roaming specialist WorldSIM reveals reluctance to using mobile devices outside the UK to avoid excessive data roaming charges Research from international roaming specialist, WorldSIM, has revealed that Brits develop ‘mobile-phobia’ when abroad, with more than half of those surveyed admitting they don’t use their phone or tablet outside the UK. Of those

WorldSIM Introduces Virtual Phone Numbers From Malaysia, Turkey and Colombia

After the launch of the innovative ‘Virtual Numbers’ service 6 months ago, WorldSIM is pleased to announce the addition of 3 new country numbers, bringing the total of virtual numbers on offer to over 45. Travellers from Malaysia, Turkey and Columbia can now roam abroad with their existing mobile number, but still enjoy the low

Roam With Your Existing Number – Without Roaming Charges

Thanks to a new innovation by the global communications provider WorldSIM, International travellers can use their ‘virtual numbers’ to roam internationally with their existing number and still save up to 75% on roaming charges. By using one of WorldSIM’s ‘Virtual numbers’, international travellers can easily forward their existing phone number to a virtual number which

WorldSIM Launches the Ultimate in Travel Tech

Launching the ultimate travel companion for frequent travellers, the eagerly awaited WorldSIM Tri-Fi went on sale today. Although only available on pre-order, deliveries of this convenient travel gadget will begin from 15th December. Combining three vital travel solutions into one pocket sized lifesaver , the WorldSIM Tri-Fi is an unlocked wireless router (giving worldwide internet

WorldSIM Now Lets You Get More Than 40 Phone Numbers from Different Countries on One SIM Card With Virtual Numbers

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s award nomination comes news that international carrier WorldSIM has introduced Virtual Local Numbers to its global calling and texting service. Essentially this means you can have unlimited multiple numbers from over 40 different countries on the same SIM card, which in turn allows you to give numbers to friends

Get More Than 40 Phone Numbers from Different Countries on One SIM Card

Telecoms provider, WorldSIM, has launched an innovative new service on their international SIM card. Users can add multiple local phone numbers to their WorldSIM global SIM card, choosing local numbers from over 40 different countries. Residents in any of these 40 countries can use this service to be contacted on their regular number while they

WorldSIM Looks to Help South Africans Avoid High International Roaming Bills With Local Numbers

International roaming is one of those necessary evils that people have to deal with when traveling abroad, whether it’s for business or pleasure. No country is exempt from the crazy high costs that roaming globally can result in, and bill shock is a fairly common problem. Take South Africa, for instance. Travelstart’s recent report “Cellphones

All International Charities are Entitled to Complimentary International SIM Cards

International roaming specialist, WorldSIM, have today announced that they will be giving free international SIM cards away to charities in a bid to help non-profit organisations reduce their mobile phone bills while they are doing their all-important work overseas. Charities have had to tighten their belts over the past few years and with the decline